Vioski Design

Proportional and thought provoking. Seductive. Timeless. Beauty.

Our designs are our badge of honor. Jeff Vioski, a master architect, has reimagined process and form into inspirational designs. The essence of his intentions are drawn from the sensuality of life and from depth of experience. They are fluid in beauty. Show strength in proportion. They are timeless in form. Mindful and thought provoking.

Comfort and function are integral to Jeff’s designs. There’s a comfortable confidence about them. An approachable luxury that transcends time.

Vioski Service

Personalized. Supportive. Comfortable. Efficient.

Our service is as comfortable, supportive and efficient as the furniture we manufacture. We understand the dynamics of buying furniture, and walk with you every step of the way. We’re genuinely here to help make the process as easy as possible. You can count on us to be true partners, dependable and on time.

Above all, we value people, relationships, friendships, and family. Building loyal partnerships based on trust and reliability is core to who we are.

Vioski Craftsmanship

Exceptional quality. Handcrafted in California. Extraordinary attention to detail.

Our workmanship is unsurpassed. We have over 150 years of combined experience in handcraftsmanship in California. Each piece is meticulously crafted by our skilled and dedicated artisans.

Extraordinary attention is devoted to every detail. Top stitching and double stitching grace each piece. Perfect connections of uniquely shaped pieces are reinforced for durability and comfort. Extremely high density foam is custom cut and shaped. Firmness is carefully selected for each surface.

Vioski Commercial

Perfection no matter the project

SERVICE. Our partners and clients have expressed genuine gratitude to VIOSKI for the way we’ve helped deliver their ideal workspaces. In turn, we’re grateful for their talent, inspiration, and energy. We show that gratitude through our excellence in service, ongoing support, and on-time delivery.

PARTNERSHIP. We’re here to partner with you in any way needed. Whether it’s customization, developing CAD designs, reimagining, or creating new residential or commercial installations. Partnering in a vision and bringing it to life is our joy and passion.

CUSTOMIZATION. We proudly customize any workspace, resizing our current designs or reimagining space intelligently and beautifully to meet your specifications. Our furniture is perfect for customization because it is inherently social and smart by design. We can make the impossible possible.

About Vioski

Redefining Modern Furniture

VIOSKI is an experience of artistic expression brought to life in timeless furniture design. It’s charismatic, enticing, inspired, and sensual. Each piece is masterfully created to be simple yet complex. Proportional yet fluid. Unique yet familiar.

Beyond our art form, VIOSKI furniture is supremely comfortable. It is meticulously handcrafted by master artisans. Impeccable attention is devoted to every detail.

Everything about VIOSKI is mindful of the people who interact with our creations. Whether enjoyed alone, with friends, family, or work associates, our quiet confidence, artistry and craftsmanship entwine into a magical experience.