“Our products create an experience. The design details, the well-balanced proportions, and the exceptional craftsmanship are meant to be felt with every use”

Vioski Design

Our unique approach to modern furniture

Vioski furniture is an experience unique to each individual. Our Founder and Principal Designer, Jeff Vioski, is dedicated to ensuring the proportions, details, and materials of each piece are exactly right; creating products that are modern yet supremely comfortable. Special techniques are used to maintain the lines and resiliency of each item, even after years of use. This experience doesn’t end once the piece is in place. It continues through subtle reminders of the detailed design and incomparable craftsmanship every time the piece is used.

We know our customers have different needs. That’s why Jeff designs each piece with the inherent ability to be customized while maintaining his high standards of detail and craftsmanship. This process provides our partners and customers with all the tools needed to make Vioski products the perfect fit in any setting.

Vioski Service

Excellence Inside and Out

We create all of our products in our Los Angeles, California facility, manufacturing high quality, hand-made furniture since 1940. We build with only the highest quality materials, using time-tested methods that we’ve enhanced to meet the exacting requirements of our modern-day products. This ensures that our pieces are not only beautifully designed, but also built to impeccable standards.

The same level of detail and care that we dedicate to our products is also shared with our customers. Every customer and order receives personal attention throughout the design and production process. We manage materials procurement, create drawings of product customizations, and, if needed, help design the best possible furniture plan for a client’s space. Vioski’s team is always available to answer questions, track the details of any project, and keep our customers informed though every step of the process.

Vioski Residental

Unique Yet Classic Modern Design

Each Vioski piece is created to be an experience that enhances any residential setting. The beauty and comfort of each piece makes them the perfect addition to any room in the house. The design and craftsmanship of each piece ensure the beauty and comfort of all Vioski products withstand the test of time and the rigors of everyday use.

Choosing the perfect piece of furniture for your home can be difficult. To help make this process easier, we provide assistance with room planning and customization. We realize that unique spaces require unique solutions. That’s why each Vioski product can be customized to fit your specific space and needs.

Vioski Commercial

Perfection no matter the project

Commercial applications require excellence not only from our products but also from our processes. By building all of our products at our Los Angeles-based manufacturing facility, we are in full command of the production process. We assist with project planning, product customization, schedule management, logistics planning, and budget management. We accept product orders of any size, and every order can be produced in batches as needed to ensure all orders are delivered on site on time.

Should you need help during the process, we provide CAD drawings to designers for space planning and project specific customizations for every Vioski product. From hotels to office lobbies to collaborative work spaces, Vioski products are built-to-last and withstand the rigors of daily commercial use.

Jeff Vioski

Redefining Modern Furniture

Jeff, a two-time winner and five-time finalist for Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Award holds a Master’s Degree in Architectural Design from the University of Wisconsin. He has been designing homes and interiors for over 26 years. Through his academic studies and early career in architecture, Jeff developed a style that combines architectural theory with a strong appreciation for the way people want to live their lives. Jeff transforms images that inspire him into furniture that breaks new ground without being pretentious. He then uses his technical training to ensure that those designs provide common-sense solutions for the way people actually live.

Every piece of Vioski furniture begins and ends with Jeff Vioski. Jeff meticulously designs each piece to create a product that is wholly unique and timeless. Influence from Jeff’s formal training in architecture is evident in the flawless proportions of each piece. These architectural underpinnings drive the design of each Vioski product, prescribing an elegant union of form and function that fits in any casual, formal, or commercial environment.